Monday, July 22, 2013

Zazzle Business Plan

As promised, here is the Zazzle business plan that I've decided to implement.  It's going a little slower than I initially thought it would.  The one thing I've learned when researching "how to make money online" is that you need a solid plan and you have to stick with it until you see results.  I've only been at this for about a week and it's getting a little frustrating but I WILL NOT give up and I WILL make this happen.

My Zazzle business plan:

Search twitter for trending topics in big cities and create HIGH QUALITY designs based on the #trends.  Once the designs are created using CorelDraw X6 (on my own and not outsourced) upload them to my Zazzle store.  Fill in all the information with a descriptive title that people may search for, good tags, and a good description.  Filling in this information should eventually help get more exposure through search engines.  After the shirts show up in my Zazzle store it is then time to take them to Twitter and Facebook.  Share a picture of your shirt (or other items, because Zazzle has lots of different products) and use the #trend as a hashtag to get exposure.  If everything is set up right then you should be able to profit from selling your design that very day.  Sales may be slow in the beginning if you don't have any followers and don't look legitimate.  I believe that's the problem I'm running into now so I'm just focusing on getting followers and likes, along with optimizing my Zazzle store for search engines. 

Example:  Searching twitter you find #bacon is trending.  Make a high quality shirt with a picture of bacon on it.  You can put the the hashtag #bacon on the shirt also if you want but you don't have to, depending on the design.  Upload to Zazzle and then go market it on Twitter.

Please do not use this Zazzle business plan exactly but put your own spin on it if you would like.  I will be trying different things along the way to grow my fan base and to try to get instant sales.  I will share most of these different techniques along the way.  If you do use this business plan exactly then you will just be contributing to market saturation and will hurt my business more than helping yours. 

Please share so more people will be motivated to make money online!  We can do this!