Sunday, September 8, 2013

Selling on Zazzle for Beginners

I've decided that the best way to make money on Zazzle is to create content directed at a specific target market.  I was using the broad approach and trying to make generic shirts to sell.  You need to pick a smaller niche that someone will be looking for that exact shirt.  My new Zazzle marketing plan is to create shirts directed at southern women between the ages of 25-50.  This is the number one group of online apparel buyers based on my research.  I already have shirt designs made and I am going to be offering them for sale really soon.  My plan is to find different Facebook pages and ask them to promote my shirts with a referral link.  This will allow the Facebook page owner to make a decent profit while offering something that their fan base will like.  I am shooting for pages with over 20k followers because this is a numbers game.  The tricky part is getting them to agree.  I will be completing this within a week.  I have been busy with school and getting things set up and also finding a part time job to cover expenses of the campaign.


- Upload women friendly designs to Zazzle
- Cover all aspects of SEO on page, and off
- Promote using Google Alerts and posting on forums and blogs
- Send messages to FB fan page owners in my niche
- Make a Twitter and Instagram using my brand

This formula is extremely simple for beginners to sell on Zazzle.  This is definitely a beginners guide to Zazzle, as I am still a relative beginner.  However, this should work extremely well.  I'll update within a week or two depending on how busy I am!

Please subscribe, share, like, follow...all of that good stuff.  I really hope this is helping at least one person.